ARCHIVES – New Body Same Soul

September 14, 2010. I have more memories of this night than I can count. The tailgate. Monday night football returns to Arrowhead Stadium after the renovation. Arrowhead has never been more beautiful than it was this night. And I was there. Front and center. With my cameras rolling early on. So I am sure you have seen the video “New Body Same Soul” (above). I thought I might also give it to you from my vantage point as well.

This is such a good memory. I’m so glad I was able to be at such a landmark event for CHIEF fans.  So,. you’ve seen the video above on,  so now allow me to show you the video I did for a friend, in tribute to Samuel L. Jackson’s MNF rant a few years earlier.

I will then walk you through “Founders Plaza” when it still smelled of fresh poured concrete.  We then take a trip through the new “Hall of Honor”, which is my favorite place to be at Arrowhead. It’s where all the AFL goodies are.  Then finally, I will show you the fireworks from where I was sitting. Section 132 at Mother Arrowhead.  Enjoy.

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