BarrysKoolaid Nation-Documentary-The 6 Year Anniversary of a RAIDER BLOWOUT-10.28.12

**WARNING**UNCENSORED CONTENT**Please watch at your own risk!~ Let’s set the stage. It’s October 28, 2012. RAIDER WEEK. Arrowhead Stadium. There are banners flying in the AIR in protest, from fans who feel the need to show their disgust with a disappointing season. The Chiefs have lost to the Raiders 5 years in a row, going on SIX ( spoiler alert!) This is 12 hours crammed into 1. 9am to 9Pm, This Mini Documentary comes in organic form. Uncut. Uncensored. Exactly the way it was captured by my camera. In LOT A of the Blue Springs Sports Complex, in Kansas City, MO. UNDERSTAND, that skipping through this experience? Will FAIL the experience for you. You must absorb this work in it’s entirety. And if you do? Then you will be overcome with the MIRACLE I witnessed at the end of the night. Caught right HERE, on OUR CAMERA, RIGHT HERE at the BarrysKoolaid Nation Chiefs Radio VIDEO podcast. JOIN ME in this adventure. Join me in my submission of FULL EVIDENCE, that it’s not all about WINNING and LOSING in the NFL. It’s about much more. JOIN ME in witnessing the miracle of KINDNESS. Even when you have a potty mouth. Special thanks go out to Craig Elliot, and our friend TODD the COOK. Mike Waters, CC, KB, KJ, Ty, Connie Jo, Jeff Juhl, & Beth D., J2, Weatherman Kumke, , TimBO, Chassity, Jacob ( California ), DEB, Megan H, KC SuperCHIEF Randy Cooper, Steven ELVIS, Ty Rowton, Travis Stucky, Chiefs Tailgater Dave, Nick Athan, Adam, BASH, Jamie, Jeremy, Tony, Rick Jones, Kemberly C, KC KLUTZ, Missi B, Becky M, Christy Drake,Sara Silvus ,Steven Graham, and everyone ELSE who made this day possible.

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