*REVIEW* – Entities, “Aether”









I’ve decided that I want to start adding my reviews to this page. I enjoy reviewing all new content. So for all you “new artists” out there in the experimental, progressive, Glitch Metal arena? I do accept unsolicited material, and I would love to Review your record, and also help you promote it to people who will BUY your record. People who enjoy supporting real talent/art.

Entities is a band that demanded my attention the first time I heard them. I believe the first song of theirs that I heard?, was a song called “Relative Theory”, and for those of you who haven’t heard this song? It’s three minutes of punch you in the mouth. Enough to make you an instant fan.

Entities is from Sacramento, California. Very Progressive. Love their riffs, groovy breakdowns, clean breaks, and just overall style. So I obviously couldn’t wait until “Aether” was released. I bought it earlier today. The asking price was $7. I paid $10. Because I was in this game for years myself. I know what it’s like to share your art with the world.

“Lines of Descent”  has the most amazing tone. This song should be played at max volume. It sounds great under any volume, but every time I hear it? I have to crank the mother fucking speakers, and run around my apartment with a sword. It’s an awesome song.

Another highlight of this record, “Between Polarities”. Absolutely love the guitar backing in this song. It’s completely full. And that’s how I like it. I really appreciate the drummers “straight forward” attack in this song. He doesn’t complicate it all, and it makes the song stronger than “Goats Breath”

“Revival” is like blasting off into space with the band. Futuristic. Commanding enough to keep you through to the last second.

Overall, I give Aether a sold 5 Stars on this recording. What a worthy album for my first review of 2013. I recommend any Djentleman on the planet buy this record immediately.

Cheers. Happy New Year!


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