51 Wins on June 29th.


Am I the only Saint Louis Cardinal fan that is feeling just a little nervous? I mean?,. have you ever seen a season start like this? For any Baseball team? I can’t remember a single team I watched growing up that compared to this years squad in Saint Louis.  Especially considering the obstacles this team has already overcame. From Wainwright, and Adams going down to season ending injuries, to Carlos “baby” Martinez, and Micheal Wacha sitting down pretty much the entire national league so far. This 2015 Saint Louis Redbirds installment is nothing short of ridiculous exciting, and as a fan? I can’t get enough. I will be headed to BUSCH Stadium tomorrow night for game one of the White Sox/Redbird series. I will also be attending another game at the end of July on my Birthday. I wonder if the Redbirds will be 9 games ahead in the division by the end of July? They are 23 games in front of the Brewers. Think about it……

I wonder where this team will stand by the All Star Break?  Regardless of what is ahead?, this has been one of the most exciting first halves to a season I have ever watched. Jason Heyward is red hot. Kolten Wong is the most exciting second base player I have seen in decades. Matt Carpenter is amazing as per usual, and Yadier Molina is best damn catcher I have ever seen play the game. I know, a bold statement. But one I can back up. Does Molina make these pitchers better? Many ask this. The answer is YES.  Then you have players like Randall Grichek, and Xavier Scruggs. Who are playing better than the starters they replaced. It’s borderline ridiculous. I have never seen so much promise. So much talent. So much experience. All assembled behind one manager in Mike Matheny. It’s truly an amazing thing to watch every night.

Keep your fingers crossed Redbird fans. Let’s stay positive, and enjoy this. We may be seeing some of the best baseball we will EVER see.  Enjoy.


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