CHIEFS fans!~ Maybe this is our year?


Hey Kansas City Chiefs fans!!!– Are you drinking the Koolaid this year? Is the 2015/16 Kansas City Chiefs looking really good on paper? Does the talent finally look like it has the potential of competing with the top teams of the NFL this tear? What about the coaching? Is Andy Reid going to do what this franchise has not been able to accomplish since Montana threw his last pass? Win a playoff game….

Ok Chief fans, let’s face some hard truth’s here. But before we do, allow me to remind you all that I was there two years ago, in Indianapolis, when ANDY REID and company had a 28 point lead at the half of a wildcard playoff game. Here is the proof.


My comment when I shared this picture to social media was as follows ……

“I have no words to offer a Chiefs fan right now save this… The Kingdom represented themselves very well today in light of the most devastating loss I have ever experienced as a fan. This one hurts. But the kingdom made me proud today. Especially at the end. I will see you all next year. We’ll fire up discussion at training camp. Hug a Chiefs fan today! We need it.  Love,  Barryskoolaid. “

FACT. Alex Smith started that game. Another fact would be that Andy Reid and company coached that game. I could also remind you Jamaal Charles started that game, along with Justin Houston, and Tamba Hali, etc….

Things happened. Let’s not talk about those “things”…..

What about this year’s squad is going to make a difference? What do you see about this year’s team that makes you drink the 2015 Walrus Splash?

Is it Jeremy Maclin? Are you excited about the new receiver? Or how about this new secondary. Young. Fresh. Dangerous. Very cool……

Hell., ProFootballTalk says the Chiefs Defense should be in the top 5 at least, potentially the best defense in the league!~

We’re less than a month from the start of training camp. What’s the X-factor this year?

There are many potential answers. But there are also many things that still need to occur. Like a contract for Justin Houston for example. Very important, moving forward. Also, Derrick Johnson looks to be making a return. How we he hold up?  Many things to discuss. I say join my blog, and make yourself at home.

Come submit your comments, and feel right at home. It’s an uncensored blog. You will never be censored. Say what you what you will. Hell, you are a fanatic right?

Of course you are.

In closing, Here is who I’m excited about.  Here is my “X-Factor”


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