Did you vote Tsunami?

Tsunami SPLASH

The All-Star Vote ends today. And I have done my part.  I’m not exactly sure if he is going to get voted in or not. Regardless, He’s an ALL-STAR in my mind. I’m sure many agree…. Did you vote Tsunami? Well if you didn’t? You should have. Carlos Martinez is having quite the freshman year as a starting pitcher for the Saint Louis Cardinals. It’s been pretty fun watching him in the first half. Don’t worry, unlike every other article you read about sports, I’m not going to start firing off stats to you to back up my point. I don’t really care if you agree or not, and there is no program director, or editor putting any pressure on me on how well I type up these thoughts of mine. The bottom line is that Carlos “Baby” Martinez is legit.  I’m drinking the Tsunami Slider Splash. I’m drinking the 2015 Saint Louis Cardinals Koolaid. And who isn’t? If you’re not enjoying one of the best first halves of baseball we have ever seen?…..

Then you need to pull the bug up out of your ass.


See you all at BUSCH Stadium for Star Wars night.


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