Why the Media is USELESS to a Sports Fan

KOOKY conspiracy

We live in a world of choices. Every day. We have more choices than we can count. What about the choices we don’t know that we make? Like when a radio station plays a song for you. Right? They decide the song, and then they play that song so many times, that sooner or later, you start singing along.  We’re all guilty,…It’s OK. Listen,…

The Media is worthless. Especially to a sports fanatic in a digital world with endless possibilities on the internet. Let’s face it….If you want to find a roasted raccoon’s asshole on a stick? You probably can on the world wide web. Everything is accessible. Anything is possible. (For the time being, it wont last forever, so enjoy it while you can.)

I’m not trying to piss in your Cheerios. It might come off that way, but I’m just trying to paint a picture here. That picture is simple….

In a world of so many choices, and so many possibilities ( the internet ) …..Why do we need major media? We all know they are owned by the same people. All of them with their own hidden “corporate” agendas,… their own “action plans” if you will.  Like Fox News. The “Motherload” of all manufactured inspiration. The biggest hoax of a network to ever exist…..

Fox News has herds and herds of people worshiping them to this day. And any person with a shred of common sense should know how crooked that network really is. It’s kind of scarey when you get right down to it. Because people believe just about anything they will tell them. And that’s sad on so many levels.

The bottom is line is that here at Barryskoolaid.com, I’d like to remind all of my followers that I am very picky with the stories I choose to share on this website from other links. I am always very skeptical of everything I read, and so should you be.  I’m also not interested in forcing any opinion, product, religion, idea, or anything for that matter on followers to this blog. I’m just a guy who still loves sports with his own way of expressing it.

Keep your guard up Fans. They are doing everything they can to extract every dollar from you that they can. As fans, we need to remember that.  As much as I hate to admit it?, professional sports is ALL about money. More money than any of us can possibly imagine. And the major media are their allies.  They work together doing what they can to transform you into the consumer they want you to be. So mute those ads.  Turn off the commercials when you can. Stick your middle finger up to this corporate lust that is everywhere you look.

As fans, we have to remember to draw the line. Enough is enough.

Love, ~B



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