The Insatiable Apostate – Our “Broken” War Machine

Between 1945 to 1998?,. 2053 nuclear bombs exploded on this planet. The United States detonated over half of them.  And people wonder why we have no extra terrestrial contact? How clear does it have to be?

The simple fact of the matter is that our system is broken. We work in America to feed the war machine. On memorial day 2013, I remember all of those brave individuals who have served. But there is a much bigger picture. We do not have to keep feeding the war machine. We must find leaders who can break us free of this mentality. If you can find ways to kill people,. you can find ways to help people. Take ten minutes of your time, and crank your speakers. Allow this little sketch to do what it’s intended to do. Inspire Change. Special thanks to A.I(d) for the background music. We must build a better world for our children, and it starts with how we THINK. So if you’re not a thinker?,..go play at the mall. This video is not for you. Enjoy!~

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