Why the Johnny Cueto trade sucks….

Let’s talk about Johnny Cueto.   Here is my problem with Johnny Cueto. Rather than own up to what Cueto did to Chris Carpenter and Jason La Rue back in “the fight” in 2010?..,Ya know?.. Where he claimed that he was overwhelmed and felt threatened by the swiftly moving cacophony of baseball players, and that he was fearful for his life, and just used his legs to protect himself, and blah blah blah….   Or something like that….Right?

Listen up,……My daughter made up better excuses when she was 3.

If that was true, why the kicking motion ?   And why was it that just Cardinals were injured – why were no Reds kicked.   If he was truly fearful, I would think his lashing out would be irrespective of uniform.   But it wasn’t now was it? Of course not!~~ The bottom line, is that since this event? I have felt, and still feel very strongly that Johnny Cueto is a piece of Shit.  Now, Enter the ROYALS, and the trade they made to acquire him…… (*Facepalm*)

Look. I know the Royals need an ACE right now. Especially with all the injuries. But giving up the 17th pick in the draft in Finnegan? Might be a little too rash of a decision if you ask me. I know the Royals want to win now. Especially with many players being due arbitration soon. But this is a temporary fix to a long term problem now, and guess what?

Now you have the same problem in the Bullpen. Eventually.  It’s my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong Royals fans. No problem eating crow if that’s the case. But back to “the fight’ back in 2010.

I hate Brandon Phillips. I have ever since this terrible fight. He instigated it. He started it with his comments to the media prior to the game, and on top of that? He started it at the plate by tapping Yadi’s shin pads with his bat. He should have well know to leave it alone with his big mouth.  But here is the deal….

When the final words were written on the 2010 season, Brandon Phillips was a big part of why the Cincinnati Reds played in October, and the Cardinals didn’t.  He wasn’t the only one, and the Cardinals certainly defeated themselves more times than we want to recount, but Phillips made his contributions.  As a good two way player, he was rewarded with a Golden Glove award for the 2010 season.

If he wasn’t good, he wouldn’t get under my skin, or any Redbird fan for that matter.

You don’t have to like Brandon Phillips.   But you should respect the fact that he does not hide and distance himself from the controversy he seems to create.   Perhaps a little less controversy would be nice, but in the mean time, as long has he stands by his words and is willing to take his lumps, I will respect him.

Johnny Cueto – well, that’s a story for another day. He’s a piece of shit. He ended Jason LaRue’s career with his kicking fits, and NOBODY ever held him accountable.

Look, I love to Royals. This is why I’m upset about this trade. Adding Johnny Cueto helps the starting rotation, I get it. But it furthermore adds a stink in that locker room that Royals fans will soon find out that might not be worth it in the first place. Just my take.

Redbirds Forever.


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