The Insatiable Apostate – A Total Commitment To Acquisition

We are taught at a very young age what our responsibility as human beings in this country is . That is to make a total commitment to acquisition. When is it enough? Where does it end?

The Insatiable Apostate – Rewarding Stupidity

BarrysKoolaid – STAR WARS night – Busch Stadium


July 29, 1972. The Day I was born..

day I was born

Sometimes, I wonder if people think I gloat about the fact that I was born on July 29, 1972. I mean why wouldn’t I? Read More

ARCHIVES – Hank Stram “miked for sound”

Hank Stram “miked for sound”

The night before the game, Ed Sabol of NFL Films met with Hank Stram and convinced Stram to wear a hidden microphone during the game so his comments could be recorded for the NFL Films Super Bowl IV film. They agreed the microphone would be kept secret. This would be the first time that a head coach had worn a microphone during a Super Bowl. Read More

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