First tattoo experiences can be intimidating and scary — but they don’t have to be. When opening Saint Charles Tattoo, Micah and Elizabeth Davie made it their mission to bring positive and friendly tattoo artists on board to help create a welcoming environment for all types of clientele.

After they ordered some really rad shirts from us, we decided to team up with our friends and fellow artists at Saint Charles Tattoo to create a fun video that highlights their personalities + services and introduces their new shop and their new mission. We had a great time getting to know owners Elizabeth + Micah and tattoo artists Wolfman + Barry Peraino — and we know you’re going to love them, too.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Easter. Circa 2016. I thought this would be the most appropriate time for me to share this short story by Peter Joseph. This all but proves that religion in a fraud.  It’s all I needed to see.

Inequality For All

I feel I need to share this information to the people I hold close. So this is for you…..

BKNCR Podcast Returns 8.31.15

For those of you wondering when the podcast will return? The date has been set. August 31, 2015, we kick off the 2015/16 season with a new video from arrowhead,  and new show airing that night. Until then? Enjoy our classic intro. It’s not for children though, so make sure you’re an adult. This an uncensored fan arena. We come with the passion.

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